Football Flash Games: Overview

The fans of football called it “the beautiful game” for some reasons: the never-ending mystery, rivalry, surprise, and excitement it brings. Indeed, each soccer (or football- pick what you like) match or season comes with a surprise. Who knew Leicester City F.C. would win England’s 2015-2016 Premier League?

Due to the evolvement of computer graphics, you can easily become the next Pele at the comfort of your seat. Flash is a browser-based video game format that is found online. The Internet hosts almost every kind of game, and football Flash is one of them. These games are meant for you to play, and if you haven’t done so, then it’s a straight red card for you. Yes, you can quit playing them and do other more important things, but will you enjoy any fun? Casino

Something which is growing quickly is HTML5 games which are mostly used for online casino games. Therefore we strongly recommend to read about other game providers and see what kind of games they offer, this can be found here.

Although the growing mobile applications are slowly replacing the Flash, many creators of football Flash games still use Flash to come up with quality games. Football Flash games can be played on your PC using ActionScript, an-easy-to-learn object-oriented programming language meant for web animation. This language allows you to control objects on your computer screen.

Features of a Basic Football Flash Game
With today’s dynamic technology, each version of football Flash game comes with at least one unique or more sophisticated feature just to make you enjoy the game with ease. However, a basic football Flash game has the following components:

1. Sprites
Sprites refer to computer graphics that can be moved or manipulated on your screen. In football flash games, a sprite basically refers to a player, and it could be “Lionel Messi,” “Cristiano Ronaldo,” or any other soccer “player” as recognized by the game program.

2. Input
This is how you control the game. Typically, most football flash games are controlled with computer keyboard arrow keys, the mouse, or both. On a mobile device, the most commonly used input method is the touch gestures.

3. Audio
Have you ever imagined a strike that goes without a sound? Of course, you may still enjoy your game without sounds, but you won’t enjoy the entire “connection.” Audios are sounds meant to enhance your experience when playing the game- they make the game look real.

4. Collision Detection
This refers to a computational code that detects the intersection of at least two sprites on the screen.

5. Game Loop
It is the programming logic that regulates the overall flow of the game. It is a loop due to the fact that the game repeats similar actions when playing. To execute this loop in a football Flash game, the game developers use ActionScript.

6. Rules
Football is a game of rules, and football Flash games are not an exception. To play the game accordingly, you must follow its rules. Failure to follow the rules results in a punishment.

Examples of Football Flash Games
There are many football flash games that have been developed since the beginning of Flash games era. Some of the most famous ones include Jumpers for Goalsposts, Soccer Balls 2, Soccer Pro, and New Star Soccer. Zombie Soccer, Roby Baggio Magical Kicks, and Speedplay World Soccer are also part of popular football Flash games.


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