The spotlight, cheering virtual crowd and adrenaline makes soccer games enticing to both young and middle-aged gamers. There are thousands of soccer games out there, but most of them come with hefty price tags. However, “Jumpers for goalpost 4” (JG4) is an impressively designed game that is free to play. No credit cards or PayPal accounts required, just a few ads here and there.

The first impression

When you land on the JG4 site, You need to sign up then proceed to the fine pitch that has a defender and a goalkeeper. The game emphasizes on scoring goals while playing close or inside the opponent’s box. And there is clear communication on what is expected of you and your achievements so far. One thing though, the crowd seems to react more when you miss compared to when you score – it just sounds weird.

Invitation to start training

When you are starting out, you have to go through the training to become a professional soccer player. After which, they promise that you will get better offers from other soccer clubs. The practice sessions include volleys, turn and shoot, passing, snapshots and more. However, as go further into the training, it gets harder and more interesting.

Rising through the ranks

Once you get to the top levels, more options activate, such as buy stuff, hit the town, check out the club’s info, or even take your girlfriend out for lunch, etc. At this point, the training tab deactivates, and you can play more pro soccer like scoring with a header – but this might be the hardest thing to achieve while playing this particular game.

To join the thousands of exited JG4 players, you need an internet connection, a computer and some passion for the game. Then prepare to be blown away. Happy gaming!

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