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Win FIFA 2020 now!

It’s finally getting close to the launch of one of the most popular games in the world… FIFA 2020!
With this new game there won’t be just graphics which are updated. There are plenty of new features which will make you love the game.
We have the honor to present a competition together with the company Vårdkläder where you can win the game and receive it on the release date.
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Authentic Game Flow

A major improvement in the new game should be the so-called Authentic Game Flow. This should allow the AI ​​players, ie the computer-controlled players, to better understand time, space and their position on the pitch, EA Games writes on its site.

The AI ​​players defense ability will also get a boost in the upcoming game.

Decisive Moments

Decisive Moments will give you more control over moments that can mean anything to a match. It can be anything from a controlled finish, to an equally sharp tackle in the final minutes.

This, together with being able to dribble better laterally, gives the player a greater chance to decide the matches.

Ball physics

EA has invested heavily to improve the gameplay of the game. One thing they improved is how the real-life ball behaves in the new game. Among other things, the ball will be able to take new ball courts, all to make the game more real.


Now we come to the juicy here. The new game mode, VOLTA.

If we say FIFA-street, what do you say? Hopefully WOHO – that’s exactly what EA is now bringing back to the game. The game mode is called Volta and is designed to take the sport back to the streets.

In the game mode, you can create your own coaches, choose your football jerseys and clothes while showing off your skills in arenas from London to Tokyo.

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On September 27, on launch day, FIFA 20 will arrive on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.