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There are many great flash games on the internet. Due to its prominence, Facebook has adapted to the trend and became home to many games. Yes, it’s not only gaming sites offering football flash games.

Because of the popularity, the games that Facebook put out have also been very popular. As such, these games racked up hundreds of thousands, if not millions of players around the world.

So here are the five most popular football flash games that Facebook users can play in this social network.

Footbo City

Footbo City is a Turkish game that started at 2010 and hit more than 300 thousand monthly active users at its peak. It has a cartoony appeal and the game type is a very attractive category for players, especially those under the age of 25. While some games only allow players to play either as the manager of a team or a player of the actual game, Footbo City combines both.

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Footy!, despite being a soccer simulation game, has no real management gameplay. However, the gameplay features the ability of players to build structures such as stadiums. In addition to that, users can also play as the characters in the actual football games. The cartoony style of the game is the same as with Footbo and thus, it appeals to a younger audience. It already reached more than 900 thousand monthly active users at its peak in early March 2010.

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Top Eleven Football Manager

Top Eleven Football Manager was released in May 2010 but although it’s a great game, it didn’t get much users in its early stages. Rather, the game steadily grew until it reached 2 million monthly active users, the third most popular football game on Facebook. Just like Footbo City, Top Eleven allows users to play as both the manager and the player in the football match.

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Bola is also another game like Top Eleven where gamers can go in the managing aspect of football or the playable characters in the actual football match. It is also the second most popular football flash game on Facebook with 4.6 million monthly active users as of July 2010.

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EA Sports FIFA Superstars

Then the most popular game, which only has 300 thousand-difference with Bola’s users is EA Sports FIFA Superstarts, with 4.9 monthly active users. Although it’s not the same with Bola due to its solely “manager” gameplay, it is still more popular. This is due to the social interaction as players can battle their friends with their own dream teams.

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There are many games in Facebook that features football flash games. The best thing about them is that they have the social element where players can battle or help each other. So have you chosen the next game you’re going to play?