post4 feat 920x425 - List of Gaming Sites You’ve Got to Try Out for Football Flash Games

It’s only natural that when you’re on the internet, you will find some entertainment. So if you’re pretty much bored watching movies or browsing your social network, then there’s only one remaining option for you.

That option is to play some games. There are tons of gaming sites out there that offer a large collection of online games.

While most websites are designed for children, there are those that still cater to other demographics. Here is our list of the # best gaming sites on the internet.

While there are perks on logging in, it’s still best if you can play a wide range of flash games. That’s what ALFY is for, with 60 categories including football flash games and logging in isn’t required.

post4 2 - List of Gaming Sites You’ve Got to Try Out for Football Flash Games

ArcadePod also offers a wide-range of football flash games and they are still expanding their horizons. You have the option to be a member for free and you’ll be able to save games in your Favorites collection or even download flash games for free.

ArmorGames is a really popular site due to the fact that it is home for the most prominent football flash games on the internet. You can create an account so your progress will be saved, leave comments on the comment section, and get achievements.

BigFishGames offers 12 categories of games and new games are being uploaded regularly. They also offer football flash games. Members of this site can also track their games.

post4 8 - List of Gaming Sites You’ve Got to Try Out for Football Flash Games

FOG (FreeOnlineGames) is another website that offers a huge variety of flash games, home to 100 categories of games and you can expect that football flash games is one of them. The website itself is a game as you can create an account, earn badges, and upgrade your avatar.

The feature we find the best in this website is it will give you suggestions according to your preferences so you’ll be recommended with football flash games if you play it a lot. Of course, you’ll be informed how popular that flash game is.

Kongregate is another popular website for playing flash games. There are eight categories, which are a bit less than others, but it still offer a lot of games in each category. Players can get achievements, get points, and earn badges through challenges.

Pogo offers a wide array of football flash games. We find it great that you can earn tokens that can be used for redeeming gifts through playing. Some of these gifts are even real cash up to $50. You can also chat with your friends if you have an account.

Miniclip is one of the most popular sites out there with its massive 100+ categories. Creating an account will allow you to save high scores, play with your friends, win game awards, and even earn free credits to redeem gifts, just like in Pogo.

post4 9 - List of Gaming Sites You’ve Got to Try Out for Football Flash Games

Y8 is another popular website along with Armorgames, Kongregate, and Miniclip. There are many games in this website and you can upload your own games if you create an account.

With these websites, you won’t be bored ever again. There are hundreds of football flash games including other flash games on different categories. You can play it all if you want, but we’re pretty sure you won’t finish it with your lifespan.

fifa2020 920x425 - Everything you need to know about FIFA 2020

Win FIFA 2020 now!

It’s finally getting close to the launch of one of the most popular games in the world… FIFA 2020!
With this new game there won’t be just graphics which are updated. There are plenty of new features which will make you love the game.
We have the honor to present a competition together with the company Vårdkläder where you can win the game and receive it on the release date.
All you have to do it to buy an item in their shop and send them an email to their support with the subject “FIFA 2020” together with your name, email and order number.
There will be a draft and for every item you buy you are entitled to one ticket in the draft.


Authentic Game Flow

A major improvement in the new game should be the so-called Authentic Game Flow. This should allow the AI ​​players, ie the computer-controlled players, to better understand time, space and their position on the pitch, EA Games writes on its site.

The AI ​​players defense ability will also get a boost in the upcoming game.

Decisive Moments

Decisive Moments will give you more control over moments that can mean anything to a match. It can be anything from a controlled finish, to an equally sharp tackle in the final minutes.

This, together with being able to dribble better laterally, gives the player a greater chance to decide the matches.

Ball physics

EA has invested heavily to improve the gameplay of the game. One thing they improved is how the real-life ball behaves in the new game. Among other things, the ball will be able to take new ball courts, all to make the game more real.


Now we come to the juicy here. The new game mode, VOLTA.

If we say FIFA-street, what do you say? Hopefully WOHO – that’s exactly what EA is now bringing back to the game. The game mode is called Volta and is designed to take the sport back to the streets.

In the game mode, you can create your own coaches, choose your football jerseys and clothes while showing off your skills in arenas from London to Tokyo.

fifa ticket 300x178 - Everything you need to know about FIFA 2020


On September 27, on launch day, FIFA 20 will arrive on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

post5 feat 920x425 - Fun Football Flash Games Playable on Facebook

There are many great flash games on the internet. Due to its prominence, Facebook has adapted to the trend and became home to many games. Yes, it’s not only gaming sites offering football flash games.

Because of the popularity, the games that Facebook put out have also been very popular. As such, these games racked up hundreds of thousands, if not millions of players around the world.

So here are the five most popular football flash games that Facebook users can play in this social network.

Footbo City

Footbo City is a Turkish game that started at 2010 and hit more than 300 thousand monthly active users at its peak. It has a cartoony appeal and the game type is a very attractive category for players, especially those under the age of 25. While some games only allow players to play either as the manager of a team or a player of the actual game, Footbo City combines both.

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Footy!, despite being a soccer simulation game, has no real management gameplay. However, the gameplay features the ability of players to build structures such as stadiums. In addition to that, users can also play as the characters in the actual football games. The cartoony style of the game is the same as with Footbo and thus, it appeals to a younger audience. It already reached more than 900 thousand monthly active users at its peak in early March 2010.

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Top Eleven Football Manager

Top Eleven Football Manager was released in May 2010 but although it’s a great game, it didn’t get much users in its early stages. Rather, the game steadily grew until it reached 2 million monthly active users, the third most popular football game on Facebook. Just like Footbo City, Top Eleven allows users to play as both the manager and the player in the football match.

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Bola is also another game like Top Eleven where gamers can go in the managing aspect of football or the playable characters in the actual football match. It is also the second most popular football flash game on Facebook with 4.6 million monthly active users as of July 2010.

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EA Sports FIFA Superstars

Then the most popular game, which only has 300 thousand-difference with Bola’s users is EA Sports FIFA Superstarts, with 4.9 monthly active users. Although it’s not the same with Bola due to its solely “manager” gameplay, it is still more popular. This is due to the social interaction as players can battle their friends with their own dream teams.

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There are many games in Facebook that features football flash games. The best thing about them is that they have the social element where players can battle or help each other. So have you chosen the next game you’re going to play?

post3 feat 920x425 - Football Flash Games: The Best in Each Category

Everybody knows that football is the world’s most famous sport. As a result, the gaming industry adapted this and came up with games which give users the choice to experience realistic footballing.

There are many flash games online that does not require money to be played. Some lie on the category of using the playable characters on the actual match, some allow users to manage their teams, and others adapt both of these mode.

So here’s our list of the best games in each of these categories.

Player Mode

Football Legend Online

Football Legend Online is a free-to-play football flash game with premium purchases. It features a good 3D quality graphics allowing players total control of the action of the avatar character. This includes control of dribbling, shooting, scoring a goal, and using the ball.

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SpeedPlay World Soccer 4

SpeedPlay World Soccer 4 is a game that tests your control and precision. You’re able to use your football players to run and defend using either a mouse or the keyboard. The goal of the player is to score more than the opposition in a given period of time.

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Management Mode

Football Superstars

Football Superstars is a management game with the goal of making your dream team climbs the leaderboards. There are countless players to choose from with new ones getting added. The graphics is good but it requires an initial set-up of the game to start playing online.

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Goal United Pro

Goal United Pro is a football management flash game. There are many tasks to do in this game such as buying and selling players, creating and laying out tactics, rotating the squad, and choosing your line-up. On top of that, losing too many games can ruin your playing.

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Online Soccer Manager

If you want to play a flash game similar to Football Manager, then Online Soccer Manager is for you. You manage your team but you don’t have to control even one of them. There are many players to choose from along with their clubs.

Hybrid Mode

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England Soccer League

England Soccer League is a football simulation flash game that allows players to manage their team and at the same time, play as an avatar in the actual match. You compete in leagues and it’s your goal to climb the leaderboards.

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The Champions 4

The Champions 4 is a football simulation flash game just like England Soccer League that allows you to choose your international side. You can also create your own custom players. In the actual match, you can play as one of the five players while the four is controlled by AI.

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There are many football flash games that offer countless of possibilities, be it in the player route, manager route, or a hybrid. Either way, it’s very fun to play these games if you’re a football fan.

post2 feat 920x425 - 5 Football Flash Games Worth Playing

The internet is being filled with football flash games of all kinds in addition to the games in the past. If you are to play all of them, it will take forever to the point where your lifespan might not be enough. Where’s the fun in that?

So we in Free Football Games have put considerable time and effort into weeding out the lower-quality football flash games so you can take a look at the ten best football flash games on the internet.

Ultimate Football Management 2013-14

post20 3 - 5 Football Flash Games Worth Playing

Ultimate Football Management 2013-14 is a free but unofficial version of Football Manager, as the name suggests. The great thing is that it is just as great as the real thing. You can take control of clubs, implement tactics, transfer players, and control your team through each season. This is probably the best game the internet has to offer for Football Manager fans.

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Roby Baggio’s Magical Kicks Version 2.0

Roby Baggio’s Magical Kicks Version 2.0 features the Italian playmaker Roberto Baggio who is famous for having beautifully executed bendy free-kicks. This game allows you to experience playing as this guy using your mouse. There are three clicks allowed, one for power, one for bend, and one for direction. As you progress, the game gets harder as goalkeepers gets better.

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Goalkeeper Premier

Goalkeeper Premier is a game with the goal of making English club be known and keep it from crumbling away in the football world, but that’s not all. It is also your goal to climb the leaderboards and be in the big leagues. While the gameplay is pretty simple compared to others in this list, it will become more and more difficult as you progress in the game. You just have to move the gloves in the game to the correct position. This is so you can save your opponent’s shot. With three saves in a row, you’re given one goal.

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New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer is another addictive and exciting game although the graphics is a bit bland. Your goal is to score as many as you can in different circumstances. As you progress, defenders will increase at the same time improving their tactics, while the situation gets increasingly complicated. As such, the levels in the beginning might be a walk in the park, but you’ll have to put everything you’ve got when you advance further. Timing and placement are the two factors that will determine if you win or not.

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Sports Heads: Football Championship 2014

Sports Heads: Football Championship 2014 is always compared to the game, Slime Soccer. This game allows you to take complete control of your favorite team to climb the leaderboards through head-to-head challenges. You can also collect power-ups and dodge penalties in this game. There are many other features that make this game worth playing such as the Premiership team.

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Different gamers often have a hard time judging a football flash game. However, these flash games will surely appeal to you as a great football game. So have you decided what to play the next time you open your browser? Don’t forget to check for other game providers.

post5 1 920x425 - Know Your History: The Evolution of Football Flash Games

The first time game makers made a football flash game, it immediately went flying off the shelf. As a result, many football flash games have been made over the years.

In fact, fitting in all the football flash games in this blog post will be impossible. So here are 10 popular games that are the most well-known in their own generations.

While you may disagree that these are the best, we hope that you’ll at least find this list nostalgic.

Tehkan World Cup (1985)

Tehkan World Cup was one of the most popular football flash games in the 1980s. It was a fast game and it boils down to trackball controls and often battles are end-to-end.

Match Day 2 (1987)

Match Day 2 is another great game in 1980s particularly known for its players looking a lot like bodybuilders. The game is slow but there are deflection system, league format, flicks, jumping, and volleys.

Emlyn Hughes International Soccer (1988)

Emlyn Hughes International Soccer is the final 1980s game that became famous due to its wide range of options for techniques such as passing, sliding tackles, back heels, and more.

Kick Off 2 (1990)

The first game to ever be seen by many players in 1990s is Kick Off 2 that looked a lot like its predecessor, Kick Off. There are many expansions and the tournaments are enjoyable.

FIFA International Soccer (1993)

FIFA International Soccer in 1993 marked the beginning of the rising of the FIFA series. It was a great game with the different viewpoints you can play on.

Sensible World of Soccer (1994)

After the FIFA’s first entry comes the Sensible World of Soccer. It adapted everything that was great about Sensible Soccer, and made sure to get better and more enjoyable than its predecessor.

Ultimate Soccer Manager (1995)

In themed-‘90s, Ultimate Soccer Manager have been the most popular football flash game. The management system goes smoother than other games and there are only minor distractions.

Championship Manager: Season 97/98 (1997)

Championship Manager: Season 97/98 is a game in the Championship Manager series that creates football management games. The masterful tactical gameplay makes it great for both non-football and football fans.

World Cup 98 (1998)

World Cup 98 is a very great game that was cultivated from other football flash games by implementing in-game tactical changes and keeping those that are satisfying for the gamers. It’s even better than EA’s FIFA in its timeline.

Iss Pro Evolution (1999)

Iss Pro Evolution is one of the most addicting football flash games where you can build up a dream team from the most promising players on the game.

Football flash games have come a long way with entertaining football fans and even those that have nothing to do with the world’s most popular sport. As the demand for football flash games increase, companies are making new ones. So do you think you’ll keep walking on the memory lane and try to play these games?